November 17, 2016

7 Types of Students Before Entering the Examination Hall

Hai everyone.

I just finished my first paper this morning. Two more two go. My last paper will be on 24th of November. For four years in college, I identified a few types of students before entering the examination hall. Please be noted that, yasss I always use bahasa rojak so please don't mind me. So, happy reading!

1. The Nujum Pak Belalang - this type of students will always have the stock of ramalan soalan from other institutions. They are the ones with wider connection of friends. Once they get the ramalan soalan, they will spread it in class whatsapp group, batch whatsapp group, college whatsapp group, menteri kabinet whatsapp group dan tidak ketinggalan family whatsapp group. It is good if you have ramalan soalan, but it is better to read and focus everything. Better safe than sorry, aite? ;)

2. The A Day Before Exam - this type of students need a professional skill in doing last minute works. They will finish the modul in one go a day before the examination day. They are undeniably the type who don't get nervous to face the examination. Besides, they are such positive people, doesn't get sway by examination. I think it is okay to be this type of students, as long as you focus in classes along the semester. And if you are a genius, why not?

3. The Mind Map Masta - the mind map masta is the one who revise by using mind map. This take a lot of effort, and time, and colourful pens' ink. One good thing about the mind map masta is, they can study smartly where they can bring the mind map everywhere, for revising purpose. They as well are in high risk of being the victims for their last minute study friends, as their mind map stand a high chance to be borrowed.

4. The Q&A Host - before entering the examination hall, there will be at least one student who will wandering around and asking their friends about such topic. They even ask their friends to recap the topic for them. "Eh topic 3 ni apa?" "Apa lagi contoh materials? Textbook, language games, lagi apa?". For this person, please get a life. Everyone else need a time to cover on the topic that they think they are still lacking.

5. The Study Group - in any corners, you will see some students sit together, silently, and revise the notes, or modules. They won't give any response of their surroundings. They give other the impression of model students who values knowledge and view examination as a matter of life of death.

6. The Cool-o-Ice - they just bring themselves to the examination hall, and pencil case. No notes, no modules, no mind maps. They are the cool kidz who prepare themselves well for the examination day. Of course everyone are nervous about examination, but, come on, 15 minutes before examination starts, I think it is better to relax and calm your mind. And brace the questions!

7. The Latecomer - they actually do not know that they will be having an examination until their friends call. They also can be the ones who lost the track of time, or waking up late.

Phew. I end the list now.
Which one are you?

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Yellowishskin said...

Number 3. Dah selalu kena. Kita buat penat-penat dia boleh snap gambar camtu je.