February 23, 2014


Keep calm and thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Thanks to my girls - Khadijah, Atikah, Syafiqah, Nana Yew, Juju and Farhana for the late night surprise party. With two cakes and 'Hikayat Minhat' birthday wishes, I thanks all of you very much.

Thanks Aflah for being the first person to wish my birthday. Atiqah and Raihana for calling me during my day. Also, I appreciate those wishes in Facebook. Dayang and Raihan, thank you for the sweet present, kaler pink lagi tau. Hihi.

Mama Abah and sibs, thank you for coming here all along from Kuantan, for the teddy bear also. I didn't expect you guys will come to Terengganu just for my birthday celebration. I love you to the moon and back!

And thank you Syafiq Haiqal, for being the considerate one, for being the one I always dream of and for continuously loving me, in every way. Let's work our way through marriage.

Happy getting older everyone xx