June 06, 2013

Highschool Memories

 let's leave the past behind  the master mind of love
trying to enjoy  the moments i won't get again
after graduation when time goes past remember me for long
where do our highschool memories go
where do our highschool memories go
where do they go oh oh

Highschool Memories by Tory Lanez  

Highschool was great. Lots of fun and lots of friends.

I was a student of SMK Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom (SHAKS) which is located in Bandar Damansara Kuantan. It is a cluster school, about 20 minutes from my house and students supposedly live in hostel. I entered SHAKS on 2006 so yeah, after got 5A's for UPSR, Mama wanted me to enter a school that provides hostel facility eventhough I refused to. Cry me a river. So and so, I was an arabic class student - Al Farabi, stayed in Scarlet Dorm (room number four). The first sixth months I struggled a lot from homesick.  I was not used to iron my attires back then and the most horrible thing was I need to take turn for almost everything like to take bath in shower, to eat at Dewan Makan, to use washing machine and even to brush my teeth at the sink! Oh god. But well, those are the basic life of living in hostel right? You need to share because a cliche quote said sharing is caring and caring is loving :)

I have lots of good friend. Raihana, Maizatul Aimi, Lyiana Dee, Siti Nur Akmal are IIUM students. Nadzirah, Suhailah and Noraliff in UKM. Suria and Atiqah in UiTM while Solehah in UTM Skudai. Those overseas people, Shazmie in Yarmouk Jordan and Syafie in Japan if I am not mistaken. They were my classmates since Form One.

Raihana Rahim

Noraliff Zazliza

Syafiqah and Solehah

Ammar, Shazmie, Athirah, Fatin, Suhailah, Nadzirah, Syafiqah


1) Movie night during weekend in the school hall where we literally just need to pay fifty cent per person.

2) Going to the mall for outing, we changed our baju batik to comfortable casual attire anyway :p

ASAT 2007 - Sajak

Debat 2009

ASAT - Debat 2009

Pandu Puteri

I did debate for school, reciting poem too and a little bit of public speaking and obviously I was not active on the field/outdoor activities because of my petite and skinny figure. I was more comfortable on the stage, voice out my ideas well yeah I was a talkative person, I was and I am perhaps.

In debate team, I was the first speaker. Ainiza was the second while Suria was the third. Puan Zainurah was the one who trained us. Seriously, she's really scary but all of us do love her sincerely. After every winning, she'll treat us with yummy foods or gave some cute stuffs to appreciate our achievement in debate.

2008 - 3 Al Farabi

2009 - 4 Al Farabi

Pretty guys

Handsome girls

Classmates were really crazy, and clever, and sometimes too annoying haha. Aliff was the most charismatic one since he was the head boy cewahhh. Sometimes we tease him as an invisible man because he has a dark skin. I still remember, during our prep time on night, the whole block happened to black-out. Some of us shouted, "Aliff mana Aliff? Sudah lah, Aliff dah hilang". Haha. Aimi, Fatin, Suhailah, Syafiqah and Nadzirah were pretty popular because they were 'beauty with brain' type of people. No wonder they got alot of candies during dedication week,huh? :)

Akmal, Atiqah and Liyana were the most hardworking girls in the class since Form One, I swear. They also have good attitude. Muhaimin and Naqiuddin were the top students too but they always bullied others especially Suria. Suria was their favourite victim. Once they pasted a paper on the class' door written 'Suria Untuk Dijual' just because Suria got lesser marks than them. Every passerby just laughed and asked either they can buy Suria or not -.-

So many good times! I wish highschool would lasts forever but I know the future will be good too :)
bye bye byeee :')

A former highschool student,
Adawiyah Rosli :)