October 20, 2013

I Am Still Living With My Past (you)

The following character is either girl or boy, woman or man, female or male.
As long as it is story, just read :)

Now the sky could be blue, I don't mind.
Without you, it is a waste of time.

I am still living with my past (you).

I drown myself into photography. 
We both are bookworms, living in our book-maniac world. Read sirah novels by Abdul Latip Talib.
Listening Coldplay's songs, especially 'Strawberry Swing'. You were a part of orchestra team, while I am in Gamelan.
Before, I never thought of wearing high heels because you once said, "It's not you that shortie, it others are just too tall" :)
To add, I never wore shawl since I met you because you personally think that "woman who wears tudung bawal is more beautiful than others" and you already knew that 'Rabiatul' and 'make-up thingy' can't be put in one sentence because it's weird.
Do you still remember 'Plants vs Zombie' game? And how interested we were with the characters until you gave me the'Sunflower' doll and you own the 'Corn'.
Your Tipah (cat), yeah, I still remember her. And because you always told me about Tipah, I slowly began to love cats :)
We enjoyed sending letters to each other because it is not mainstream and it shows more sincerity I guess.
On the way going back to Terengganu, I can't avoid to think of you whenever i past Kerteh area, because your brother works there.
I thought I'll be okay in Kuala Terengganu until I saw a clinic named 'Klinik Najmie'. Oh, the name is almost similar like yours.
Suprisingly, I still wear the pink jubah you bought me from Indonesia last year and it is the last gift you gave me before we both decided not to contact anymore.

I don't listen to Coldplay's anymore because I find Austin Mahone is more to my style.
Now I sometimes wear high-heels because it is not others are too tall, it is just me that too short.
I love shawls, especially pashmina because I am lazy, I don't have that much time to iron my bawal.
I apply compact powder, lip gloss, lotion and sometimes eye-liner because now 'Adawiyah' and 'make-up thingy' are beautiful in one sentence.


I am still in love with photography.
I am still a bookworm, a Hlovate fan and forever Abdul Latip Talib's loyal reader.
I plays Sarun in Gamelan and I enjoys watching orchestra performance via Youtube.
I put the 'Sunflower' in a box together with your letters :)
And the jubah, I never put it in my wardrobe. It is always in a place that I can see clearly and obviously. Just because...

I never realized that all this while, I have decided to still live with my past (you) because my past (you) was the happiest moments i ever had. So far yet so close. so close yet so far.

It's such a perfect day... :)

p/s Final exam. Maafkan salah silap. Tahun depan dah naik degree inshaa Allah ^^


atikah rosnan said...

Sobsob. It just a mixed feeling to read ur story :) :3 huhu..

♕ Adawiyah Rosli said...

banyak lah hang punya mixed feeling :p

nana yew said...

blh sia mw nangis? :'(

♕ Adawiyah Rosli said...

jangan menangis lah bha :)

nabeelashahira nabeela said...

I miss you

nabeelashahira nabeela said...

I miss you

Cakna said...

Sorry..am sharing yr feeling..