July 04, 2013

Promises, Birthday and Redza Minhat


On the first day of semester three, I already made some promises to myself inspired from tumblr. It's to lift up my spirit as I'll be facing le final exam of foundation program (finally!!!) in TESL this semester.

1. Drink a lot of water and green tea - no progression. I'm still in love with my ice milo. Oreo Vanilla cool blog is the main choice during outing. Still, my love to plain water is just plain as it is.

2. Eat a big breakfast, average lunch and a tiny dinner - I am not use to a big breakfast. Fried mee with sausage is enough, and milo ice haha. I know it's not a good breakfast. Besides, I can't afford to just eat biscuit for breakfast, give me no energy at all.

3. Eat fruit & vegetables + natural food - can I just cancel this so-called azam baru? sigh. Adawiyah and vegetables cannot be put in a sentence. The epic nightmare.

4. Go for a walk / swim / bike / ride - Proud of having friends like Raihan, Tan and Hana because they are good in sports so little by little they influence me to exercise or go for a riadah.

5. Read a book - Surely as book is my staple diet but currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee because it is a must for English Studies III.

6. Go to bed earlier - only if I've completed my task. I less my hibernate time during weekend so yeah.

7. Stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others - I am trying bebeh.

8. Don't dwell on the past - never interested to flashback who I was. hey, moving on is the best decision.

9. Enjoy little things in life - indeed :)

10. Do not judge or compare yourself to others - to be frank, I am never interested in comparing myself to others because I've said this many times; everyone has their own potential and unique in their own way so be yourself is the best thing to do because others personalities are taken. xo

11. Begin yoga or meditation - moderate this to read al-mulk every night before go to bed, it is more soothing.

12. Do not put things off - procrastination is bad dood, avoid it! :(

13. Avoid processed food - this is among the hardest things to do, I'm trying self, I'm trying T.T

14. Stretch daily to increase flexibility - this sounds weird and I done this only once since the promise are made xD

15. Listen to peaceful music - peaceful music is not like my genre though because I like music from G-Dragon, Bigbang, 2ne1, Lee Hi and Tablo but yeah my latest favourite song is From The Bottom by Tablo ft Bumkey.

16. Live in a tidy place - to avoid stress actually. Mama always called or texted me to clean up my room regularly. Aye aye mama!

17. wear clothes that make you happy - i just wear anything, makcik style also can as long as it is comfortable (and covering the aurah)

18. Throw away things you don't need - I need everything in my room so far but if there's anything I don't need anymore or I don't  want to use it, I'll ask others first just in case they want the stuff.

19. Remember that all the effort you are making now will pay off in the end - says who study, assignments, homework yadda yadda are SO MUCH FUN? but yeah, you need to study aite?

20. Go outside more - I am. And I want to travel more :)

Le Birthday

choc indulgence rawr

birthday sweetie xo

after eating yumm yumm

heyya love :)

My English Studies lecturer celebrated her birthday today. Happy birthday Miss Izzati, may God bless you. She'll getting married soon yeay :)

Redza Minhat

suami orang.

I don't know but I am really into Redza Minhat lately. Is it because of Kil or what? Sigh. I like guy with good words. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Redza Minhat's blog. Read, because i think Redza is a man with good look and good words. I used his name in my Language Description (Reporting Statements) on wh- questions today and I can understand more woohoo

when is redza minhat's wedding day?
Transformation : Ali asked Aini when Redza Minhat's wedding day was.
Rule (1) : Subject comes before the verb.
Evidence (1) : "Is Redza Minhat's wedding day" is changed to " Redza Minhat's wedding day was".
Rule (2) : Change in tense.
Evidence (2) : "Is" is changed to "was".

And there's another examples but my questions' theme is Redza Minhat :P

Adawiyah :)

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