February 04, 2013

Of Dream And Love

Bismillah, with the name of Allah. Ar-rahman Ar-Rahim, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

Let us ponder some quotes first :

"If you have dream; dream big, dream bigger, dream biggest. But be specified. Dream something you can achieved"


"Your biggest competition is your own view of the future"

Ekhem. These two quotes were shared by Miss Zakiah during TESLians gathering weeks ago in TELTRAC Hall. So now let us talk about dream versus perspective. Let us :)

As time passes by, my perspective change little by little. To be exact, I do learn a lot - to be so called human being. A good human being. A better human being than yesterday, yestermonth or yesteryear perhaps.

Here, in Institut Pendidikan Guru, I am joining the Debate Club. Yet, I always complain to quit on being a debater as I begin to dislike this debate thingy. Perhaps, I force myself to dislike it (?). Debate do give me pain in certain ways - A LOT. There is always a bad side of me suddenly appear when I argue with others. Surely, I don't think that I am a good debater. Erghh.

Aaand, gamelan. Yes, I play gamelan instruments ahaaa. Sarun to be exact. I am learning to play Bonang but hell yes, it is bloody difficult! My classmate, Shalihin played Bonang for the first time weeks ago and amazingly, he master the skill just like a piece of cake. Raihan and I have this kind of suspicious feeling towards Shalihin due to his amazing skill, haha. I asked Abang Arief to teach me how to play gendang and he said that he'll asked his friend to teach me,later. Abang Arief, I keep on your promise seriously. Khadijah is in process of learning to play Gambang.

Badan Dakwah, Moral dan Disiplin (BADAMD) - Atikah and I are under Lajnah Ekonomi : we have this cooking thingy, open the stall etc. Sometimes we were late for the meeting or attending the activities. Dear Farhana Azhari, I am sorry for all my wrong doing. My new resolution : be a punctual person. Aja aja fighting!

"Kita bukan bekerja untuk Allah pada waktu lapang tetapi kita melapangkan waktu bekerja untuk Allah" Farhana Azhari via text message.

Debate is like a drug - being an addiction of mine since a long time ago.
Gamelan is my staple diet, my stress reliever - I love this art the most.
BADAMD - via this organization, I learn how to work systematically, to give and take, to be responsible.

Allahu, of dream and love...

Not to forget, I have a secret on being a positive thinker person everyday. It is because of my surrounding - the people involve. In detail, the hyperactive happy go lucky cheerful and gila-gilaaa classmates are the positive charge.

le cekguuu

my roomate - the white scarf



Muzakkir & Raihan

These are the completeness. If one ain't exist, it is the nothingness.

Moray - the best student in Physical Education. Yes I admit you are the best Moray. Raihan and Patcey, the best combo of Ketua Unit and Penolong Ketua Unit hehee. Shalihin and Dayang who have never been fail to entertain us with their 'cousin relationship apa apa jaa lah'. Tan Hon Kian the all rounder man, has a chinese look, can speak Mandarin uuu Tan is great. You should consider the mix marriage, Tan, haha. Atikah, our Kak Long. Don't forget our salary Kak Long. Don't keep the kutipan cukai on yourself, hehs. Hana I love you saranghae. Cute Nana Yew is cute. Juju a.k.a Mimah a.k.a Siti Zhulaikha, I am sorry I can't be the shoulder as my shoulder is not that broad ngeee. Syahmi, do take a lot of notes' pictures as I am too lazy to jot down everything. Others, you are the best!

Guys,this is cliche but I do love all of you (treat me on my coming birthday haha)

Salam'alayk :)


Anonymous said...

ehmmm.. ada nama sy laa.. glamor gituuu

Muhammad Raihan Sapi'ee said...

haha.. mame saye.. hehe.. saye main peking.. hehehehe

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